Risk Management Compartment

RM801  Managing Risk Profile
RM 802 Risk Based Bank Rating
RM 803 Detection and Prevention of Operational Fraud : Operational and Accounting
RM 804 Financial Crimes and Enforcement under Anti Money Laundering Law
RM 805 Advance Credit Risk Management
RM 806 Manajemen Risiko Pasar
RM 807 Manajemen Risiko Kredit
RM 808 Manajemen Risiko Operasional
RM 809 Comprehensive Risk Management
RM 810 Risk Based Audit
RM 811 Regulasi Basel III dan BaseL II
RM 812 Banking Investigation and Banking Mediation
RM 813 Know Your Customer & Anti Money Laundering

Business Compartment

BC 801   Loan Syndication
BC 802   Restrukturisasi Non Performing Loan (NPL)
BC 803   Analisis Kredit Komersial
BC 804   Implementasi PSAK 50 & 55 : Individual & Collective Impairment
BC 805   Penyempurnaan PSAK sesuai IFRS

Retail Compartment

RC 801   Hukum Perkreditan
RC 802   Manajemen Kredit Bermasalah
RC 803   Manajemen Sentra Kredit Kecil

Private Compartment

PC 801   Qualified Wealth Manager
PC 802   Certificate in Financial Planning and Management
PC 803   Associate Wealth Manager
PC 804   Personal Financial Management
PC 805   Affiliate Wealth Manager

Sharia Compartment

SC 801 Manajemen  Risiko Bank Syariah
SC 802   Islamic Accounting Standards

Consumer Compartment

CC 801   Management Portfolio Consumer Loan
CC 802   Analisa Consumer Loan

International Compartment

IC 801    International Banking Management
IC 802    Trade Financing

Treasury Compartment

TC 801   Managing Credit Risk in Treasury Products and Derivative Instruments
TC 802   Asset Liability Management
TC 803   Basic Treasury

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